Bellingen & Fernmount

Well I intended to spend a week in the little town of Fernmount but its quaint charm has sucked me in and I’ve decided to stay for nearly two weeks. I’ll be flying to Melbourne on Saturday. I think the balance between big, cosmopolitan cities and work exchange in rural areas will be a great way to experience Australia.

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3 thoughts on “Bellingen & Fernmount

  1. Mom says:

    Great photos, it all looks so refreshing and green. Enjoyed them all except the vicious tree! Stay away from that! Do you have work lined up in Melbourne?

  2. David says:

    What a great looking place! It looks like a village that everyone would want to walk around in, and say “g’day” to everyone they saw. I’m also glad that you feel comfortable enough to want to stay there for a few more days. That speaks volumes for the place, and for you. Hope you’re still excited about being there, and having great life-lessons routinely. Think of you often. Unc

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