Week 3 Costs

I’ve gotten a bit behind on these weekly cost breakdowns. I gotta step up my game.

Week 3 will be a bit different than the previous weeks because I spent half of it with a HelpX host and the other half being a tourist. I also threw in an ER visit just for fun.

Week 3, 2/11 – 2/17 Bellingen/Melbourne
Transportation $230 Flight to Melbourne, shuttle, train card, bike rental
Dining $85
Groceries $0
Entertainment $0
Lodging $115 Two days of Melbourne Airbnb stay
Shopping $10
ER $415
Week 1 Total $671
Week 2 Total $90
Week 3 Total $855
Airfare $1943 SLC -> LAX -> SYD
Trip Total $3559

Bad luck with the ER visit, but hopefully some of it will be reimbursed by insurance. Stay tuned for Week 4…

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