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Taronga Zoo

The other day I continued my tourist adventure of Sydney by visiting the Taronga Zoo. Like any red-blooded American, I’ve been to the zoo countless times. I was hoping for a unique experience on a completely different continent and that’s exactly what I got. The zoo was clean, well laid out, and staff were friendly. It’s across the harbor from downtown Sydney so you have to hop on a ferry, which was about a $10 round trip. From the ferry you’ll get up close and personal to the opera house as well as good photo ops of the harbour bridge.

I really want to edit some of these pics but a 7″ tablet makes that painful. I’d also love to post more pics and comment on a few but they take forever to upload and I’m tired of sitting in this apartment. Yesterday’s adventure involved borrowing a bike and a 25k roundtrip to the beach (that was interesting in a country that drives on the “wrong” side of the road) and today will be museum day (to avoid the sun and nurse my sunburn).

Without further adieu, the pics:

And a video just for fun…


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