Week 6 Costs

I’ve decided that these cost breakdown posts are a pain in the butt, as you can tell by how far behind I am. I think people find them useful though so I’ll try to keep it going.

Week 6 encompassed my last day in Melbourne and my first week in New Zealand and I knew it would be expensive since as it included an international flight and the Stray trip.

Week 6, 3/4 – 3/10 Auckland
Transportation $465 Stray ($325) + shuttles, ferry, bus, and bike rental
Dining $150
Groceries $15
Entertainment $35 Melbourne Aquarium
Lodging $369 Airbnb + two hostel nights
Shopping $17
Airfare $850 $600 MEL -> AKL + $250 Delta change fee
Week 1 Total $671
Week 2 Total $90
Week 3 Total $855
Week 4 Total $310
Week 5 Total $0
Week 6 Total $1901
Airfare $1943 SLC -> LAX -> SYD
Trip Total $5770

Ouch! At this rate I’ll have to start working for a living again. To be fair, poor planning and a bit of splurging accounts for much of that number. The Melbourne to Auckland flight was 600 bones because I booked it four days out and I incurred a $250 charge from Delta to extend my trip. I also paid $68/night for Airbnb in Auckland when I could have halved that by staying in a hostel but it did lead to a fun outdoor movie, a free dinner, and a cool fireworks show.

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One thought on “Week 6 Costs

  1. Uncle Bob says:

    You have traveled a zillion or so miles to do this thing you are on. Don’t cut yourself short, I’ve got a bag of quarters I’ll give you when you get home. Just be careful and as they say somewhere??? “what ever happens happens.”

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